Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Land

  Most of the area in the developement is built up except the block, our only neighboring block and the one two over from that one.  Here are some happy snaps :)

From the right of the walkway and to the left of the fence
Sold! October 24, 2009

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bad News

After no contact from PH for nearly 3 weeks dh contacted them today and magically the final plans have "just" been completed, with ANOTHER unexpected PCV.  The retaining walls are going to cost 3X  more than the hopes for a March start crushed...let's be realistic it's going to be more like May.  We are now taking the engineer designed plans for the retaining walls to other contracters to hopefully find a better price.    I am feeling sick about it...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Exteriour Colors

The brick is PGH's Rice.  This picture is a similar look with the same brick and dark roofing and windows.

The roof tiles are in Colourbond Monument

And the Colourbond Slimline garage door, guttering and downpipes are in Colourbond Surfmist

Our front door from the Corinthians range, can't remember the exact model name, will have a timber stain.
Unfortunately the Laminex website doesn't have samples of some of the interior samples that we chose.

Structural Changes & Upgrades

Our changes--

* Ensuite with spa
* Double Towel holders in bathrooms
* Shampoo/Soap holders in showers
* Wood stained front door rather than paint
* Remove Theater wall
* Remove voids for ducted AC
* Add door for under stairs storage
* Extra sliding door off family room instead of windows
* Extra 3rd cupboard & overhead cupboards in laundry

Upgrades included in package--

*High ceilings
*Stone bench tops to kitchen, bathroom and ensuite
*6 burner stove, microwave and glass or stainless steel hood vent
+ other things they say are upgrades but seem standard to me.

Things we are doing after handover--

* Flooring in non-wet areas ie. carpeting to upstairs, stairs, theater, living room and study & laminate flooring to entry, kitchen, pantry, lounge and dining.
* AC
* Window coverings
* Painting (if I decide to do any feature walls)
* All concrete
* Retaining Walls
* Fencing
* Turf and Landscaping
* Pendant lights to kitchen and ceiling fans in most rooms

We're going to have LOTS of work afer handover!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I am teaching myself how to use this new blog site, so bear with me. I want to document the excitment, agitation, anxiety and enjoyment of building our first home. It all began when Ryan's job moved us northside Jan '09. We put renters in our first home,which we renovated, and crossed the river. After 6 months of renting, whilst looking for a house to buy we made the big decision to build. We sold our house in July '09. Found a block of land which settled in Oct. '09 and signed our lives away to Plantation Homes in late October '09. November was busy, house was sited, color selection, electrical plan and contract signed Nov 22, 2009. Then Christmas happened, and nothing happened until mid January. We had some problems with siting of the house not lining up with the sewer. We would either have to move the house slightly or pay big money to change the sewer connection, so the house was resitied. Also, PH advised us that coucil was unlikely to approve our retaining walls and drew up a new plan, which we liked better than the original. Turns out coucil approved the original retaining walls but the new plan had to go back in turn waiting for approval again. Council approval and all PVC (post contract variations) were signed in waiting, waiting, sign the final plans and break some dirt.

Here are the plans