Saturday, July 17, 2010

Piccies of Brickies!

The bricks are PGH Rice with natural mortar

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fans & Lights

I still haven't decided on which pendant lights I want to put over the counter/sink in the kitchen.  These are the fans and ceiling light covers I plan on getting.

Wrapped, waiting for the brickies.

The house was handed back to us for the weekend so got to spend some time there and have a really good look.  Dh did all the networking so all of our tv's and computers will be connected.  He also put in the electrical for the future AC because won't be getting one right away and the wiring for our sound system.

The frame for my spa bath :)

The hub in the study where the router, modem and switch will sit

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shopping for flooring

I spent about 4 hours yesterday getting quotes for flooring.  Going for this laminate flooring in the entry, family, dining, kitchen and pantry.

Quick-Step Eligna Oiled Walnut Planks
Carpet to the rest of the house, will look something like this but in Charcoal Grey

This week they have been busy on site putting in the electrical and plumping roughes.  They will finish the roof tiles to the lower level of the house tomorrow and bricking next week.

Windows, Doors and Roof Tiles Started!

The windows and the upper level roof tiles were all completed last week 7/2.  The roof tiles, guttering, windows and sliding doors are all Momument (the color) and the trim under the guttering and the downpipes will be in Surfmist.  The main door door frame with a temporary door in it is currently leaning against the wall in the family room, it has transulecent glass on either side, the same glass will be in the front door.