Thursday, April 29, 2010

Site Cut

There was action on our block on Tuesday!  Site cut happened as planned.  I did a drive by after I picked the kids up from daycare.  They were in the car so I couldn't really get out and get a good look but here is a photo I took with my phone.

The front will have a two tier retaining wall, retaining along the right side as you look at it and a small wall in the back as well. The contractor is meeting us on site next Tuesday to finalize plans and hopefully he'll be able to start ASAP after the long weekend. The land is currently handed back to us until the retaining is completed they can not continue any further work.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Site scrape next Tuesday!!

Having a particulary bad day yesterday with a horrible tragedy in our community only a couple streets away I got a phone call which cheered me up a little.  "Hello, my name is Tim and I will be your site supervisor!" and even better "We have you booked in for site scrape on Tuesday."  Music to my ears!!

So, we'd better get to work this weekend...we've had some rain this week and our block is very over grown at the  moment.  Dh will get to spend hours with the whipper snipper over the long weekend.  After site scrape the block is handed back to us because we are having the retaining walls done independant of PH.  This may really slow the build down as we don't actually have a contractor booked in, we have a quote (significantly better than PH) but were waiting on another.  I told dh today I can't wait any longer, just book the guy in, they are local and MUCH better price than the builder so let's get this show on the road!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Final PCV in the mail

Just updating my waiting status to, still waiting!  It's taken another 2 weeks to get the PCV to delete the retaining walls from our final plans.  We are sending that in the mail today.  PH contacted us today to make sure everything else on the final plan was correct and are currently redo'ing the final plan so that they can finally send us the hard copy for signing.  Then, it should be about 3 weeks until they are on site.

As for the retaining walls, it took time to get the actual engineers design from PH to get accurate quotes from contractors.  Currently waiting for quotes from 4 different contractors.  As today is Friday, hope to hear something early next week.

I hope they make up for the waiting game during the build!