Friday, June 25, 2010

The frame completed

The frame was completed yesterday.  I showed up while a couple of the crew were there and he told me they finished the frame, would come back on Monday to clean up and then nothing would happen next week as the framing inspector will have to certify the frame.  Then the following week will be windows, guttering, ect. Hopefully we'll soon see a roof tile delivery and can't wait to see what the bricks are going to look like as I only chose the brick off the sample, it was in my opinion the best one in the standard range.   Some of the guttering and facias was on site and I am super happy with the combination of the monument and surfmist!!  It's going to look GREAT!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

On Cloud's just a frame :P

Sooo excited!  I came down the street yesterday to see wood sticking up from our block and my heart skipped a beat, haha!  I wanted to get out of the car and jump up and down and say thank you, thank you for finally starting my house.  But I didn't...I mean they just started the framework yesterday, who am I to distract them from their hard work.  So, I took the kids for a walk this 2km from our block is horrible because I want to go over there ALL the time!  No one was on site when we got there...maybe because of all the rain we had overnight but it isn't raining at all now.  I couldn't stay long because there were nails everywhere and very dangerous for the kids to be running around.  I clicked a few photos, whilst a man from Energex pulled up and started doing some work, we exchanged a few words but I didn't ask him exactly what he was doing.

I did a quick walk through and I can now imagine all the rooms and their sizes, where all the windows and door will be. YAY!  I also realized that we are not done with our retaining...really to make the parts of yard we do have usable we're going to have to cut a little, fill and retain a little more...sigh.

Here's the proof...

The front door
The garage
The alfresco with sliding doors on both sides
Looking from the back, figuring out how we will use this odd yard space.  Ours is basically what is the dirt and the grass is the boundry line.
And our other yard space, will have to cut all that out to the left side to make flat and useable

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Big Slaberoo!

There it is, the start of a home :)  Happy Birthday Ryan <3

I am a total block stalker, did a drive by this morning to see the frames being delivered!!  So exciting it's finally happening.  Nevermind the small yard and things I forgot or didn't think to add to the house and my uncertainty of about every color selection choice I made.  I am just happy to get started and see our plans come to life.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Timber Retaining Walls, Slab on Monday!

I finally have something worth blogging about!  Whoot, whoot...some big ol walls all over my block!
This is where my garden will grow!

The hill behind our block belong to a church and the recently planted trees, so it should be a nice backdrop once they start growing, on the other side of the hill is a big open field.
Site works getting ready for a big slab come Monday!  And can I just say that the house on the left, the land was sold the same time we bought our block (I know because I was interesting in it!) and look at how far along it is!!
Can't wait to see more progress!  Bring on the sunny Queensland days!