Thursday, May 6, 2010

Interior colors

I have been reviewing my colors trying to feel good about it and have decided to post them and then forget about it.  They are all nice, I like them...but when we got to color selection dh decided he really like the display kitchen which was the new graphite.  He hadn't had a lot of input so I went with it.  Then we realized the grey next to the grey tiles in the other rooms would clash so I went back to the limed ash in those rooms and I always wanted the ensuite to be different.   I think some of it was panic and I was being indecisive and the color lady made some suggestions and this is the result--

Kitchen-Upper cupboards-Snowdrift (white)

The Glass splashback is called Virtual Snakeskin, it looks more grey in person rather than brown

Quantum Quartz Countertop- Luna White
Lower Cupboards, Island backboard-New Graphite
The kitchen and living area floors will be a wood laminate.

Laundry and Main Bathroom Cupboards-Limed Ash

Laundry Laminate Countertop-White Valencia

The countertop in the main bathroom is quantum quartz ice
Feature Tile in Main bathroom-Wall Candy Humbug

Floor Tile in Bathroom, Laundry and Powder Room- Luxe Anthrocite

The cupboards in the ensuite-Oyster Linea
The benchtop is quantum quartz Coral Reef
The floor tiles to the ensuite-Luxe Mocha

Wall tiles to all walls-Still Grey-I can't find the photo but it's white with a grey swirl to it.  And the feature tile in the ensuite is a vertical strip smaller Luxe Mocha in the shower with a silver strip running on either side.

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pitstock said...

Michelle, I think your colours look great. They are a harmonious blend of non-intrusive colours so don't stress about it (yeh right)! Northbound