Monday, May 17, 2010

Trying to stay postive!

The retaining wall crew went in and got to work and realized that the site cut was off.  The two walls in the front are too far forward and part of the wall in the back is too steep.  The SS suggested we leave it as is and they could just change the plans, which dh agreed to.  Easy solution on their part, grr!  So now we must wait for them to redraft the plan so the contractor can go ahead with the retaining. 

An a personal note, dh got a letter saying that he might be relocated next year.  It's unlikely because of my job and the subjects he teaches, but he's only in his second year of teaching and got lucky to get placed in Brisbane so far.  What a change that would bring to the plan of living in our family home for the next 10+ years. That was the idea of this house, the house the kids would grow up in.   I believe no matter what happens it will be fine so we must keep on as planned and if something changes then we'll deal with it then.

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